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Award Presentations

HRH Prince Michael has made a short video clip which can be viewed here and could be used at a local or virtual ceremony arranged to suit the successful candidate's circumstances.

Award Winners

The successful candidates will first receive a formal letter of congratulations.

We will then check a few details with them before we send their trophy through the post and a letter written by HRH.

HRH will also make a short video clip which can be downloaded from our web site and could be used at a local or virtual ceremony arranged to suit the successful candidate's circumstances.

We normally have approximately twenty award winners.

Over the years Prince Michael has always been keen to present his awards in person and has done so in many countries across the world. He has also invited winners to a ceremony held each year in London to celebrate their success and to provide an opportunity for them to meet each other and others who play important roles in road safety.

This year the award ceremony in London is being planned for 13 December and will follow a day long workshop for award winners. 

Further details are here.

Press release

All press releases need to be sanctioned by us. Please send us your draft press release and, after checking it, we will add a quote, our notes to editors and then issue it using our network to coincide with your own publishing arrangements. An excellent example can be found here.

Your plaque

The trophies are plaques made from clear acrylic with the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award logo embedded within, measuring 150cmsx230cms. Yours will be engraved with the name of your scheme or your nomination, and the year. If you require replica plaques these can be purchased at a cost of £250 each plus VAT from jwalsh@roadsafe.com

Using our logo

As an award winner you are entitled to use our logo on items connected with your winning scheme such as literature or advertising. Please contact jwalsh@roadsafe.com and we will send you the logo.

Pin badges

You are also entitled to wear a small pin badge with our logo on. We will send a few pins with your plaque.

Premier Award

Each year His Royal Highness presents his Premier Award to the organisation which he considers has had the most impact on road safety during the year.