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The Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety receives Royal Award

30 November 2021 – The Youth Coalition is enabling youth to continue experiencing opportunities through the initiatives that it is implementing: capacity development sessions, meaningful youth participation at high-level advocacy spaces/events, regional workshops and local action funding.

Festival of Road Safety

29 November 2021 – The Festival of Road Safety first ran in November 2020 and was regarded a big success, with more than 10,000 visits to the Festival website – and very positive feedback from many road safety professionals.

Prince Michael International Road Safety Award Winners

29 November 2021 – Each year the most outstanding examples of international road safety initiatives are given public recognition through the scheme.

Royal Award for Driving for Better Business

29 November 2021 – The programme provides information and resources to ensure employers make effective interventions with their drivers and vehicles to improve safety and risk management. Originally established as a business to business programme and delivered by RoadSafe with DfT funding. It is now led by National Highways.

#Streetsforlife Campaign wins a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award

25 November 2021 – The #StreetsforLife #Love30 campaign was organized under the auspices of the UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) for the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week by the World Health Organization, FIA Foundation, YOURS - Youth for Road Safety, and the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety.

Making Roads Safer for Older Drivers

24 November 2021 – Older drivers (70+) do not pose a significant risk to other road users, but their relative frailty means that they are over-represented in serious crashes – particularly those over 80.

Royal Award for Street Design Guide

23 November 2021 – Designing Streets for Kids is NACTO-GDCI's latest guide to designing urban streets has won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

CTT – Correios de Portugal puts Safety high in its business priorities

23 November 2021 – CTT – Correios de Portugal (Portugal's Postas Service) regards the investment in the road safety prevention with sustainability issues in mind.

Royal Award for Chevron

22 November 2021 – From 2011-2020, Chevron played an integral role in protecting vulnerable young road users in rural communities across Chongqing Municipality and Sichuan Province, China through its support of the comprehensive Walk Wise program

London intensifies efforts to achieve Vision Zero

22 November 2021 – Bold new commitments include a 20mph speed limit on 220km of the TfL road network by 2024 and enhanced support for victims of road traffic collisions

Why is speed hurting so many people?

21 November 2021 – This blog from The World Bank team busts some of the most common myths on driving speeds.