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Innovation Workshop

27 September 2021 – Over 700 registrations have already been received for the 2021 iRAP Innovation Workshop co-hosted with the Regional Road Safety Observatories

Artificial Intelligence used in iRAP Assessments

20 September 2021 – Main Roads Western Australia and Anditi have revolutionized road safety assessments with an approach which automatically detects road infrastructure data applied on 2,000km of roads across the State.

Digitisation of Transport - Think Different

20 September 2021 – Digitisation is a key enabler for a transport system that is safe, clean, and efficient.

Project Edward - Fit for the Road

19 September 2021 – The 2021 Week of Action themed; 'Fit for the Road' focused on the application of The Safe System

Vision Zero: Kent’s ‘ambitious target’ to eliminate road deaths by 2050

15 September 2021 – Under the banner ‘Vision Zero’ it commits to a wide-ranging response to try to dramatically reduce deaths and serious injuries over the coming decades. Based on delivering a Safe System Approach. Community engagement is at the heart of this strategy; if Vision Zero is to succeed it will depend on Kent’s public sharing KCC’s ambition.

Successful Australian student road safety campaign launches across London

9 September 2021 – A road safety campaign created by a London College of Communication (LCC) student encouraging road users to consider other road users’ safety is featuring on more than 40 prominent London billboards in an initiative supported by FIA Foundation, alongside Transport for London, Zurich Insurance and Ocean Outdoors.

Australian innovation project leads world on automated data capture for RAP assessments

9 September 2021 – An iMOVE project is leading the way on innovative approaches to capturing road feature data for road safety Star Ratings. The initiative is being led by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and includes the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) and Australian geospatial data experts, Anditi.

Advocacy Hub partner EASST polls ‘Streets for Life’ support in target countries

8 September 2021 – Support for low-speed ‘Streets for Life’ is significant across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with more than three-quarters of the public supporting school zone road speeds of 30km/h or lower.

‘Towards Zero – A Fresh Approach‘, 2021 Australasian Road Safety Conference

26 August 2021 – The 2021 Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC 2021) will be an entirely virtual conference to be held on 28 -30 September 2021

THINK! is re-launching the Pint Block campaign

26 August 2021 – As Covid-19 changed the landscape of hospitality and socialising, over the past year THINK! found a decrease in young male drivers agreeing that it is very risky to drive over the legal alcohol limit. The Pint Block campaign, launched in 2019, led to an increase in young men agreeing that they would intervene to stop a friend drink driving, and this next stage of the campaign will aim to shift attitudes and behaviours over two campaign bursts

Data Driven Innovation to Halve Global Road Deaths by 2030

24 August 2021 – Registrations are now open for the 2021 iRAP Innovation Workshop co-hosted with the Regional Road Safety Observatories on 7 and 14 October, to shine a light on “Data Driven Innovation to Halve Global Road Deaths by 2030”.

Designing Streets for Kids

21 August 2021 – The guide includes design recommendations and case studies that highlight streets that are safe, enjoyable, and inspirational for children and caregivers.