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The Impact of Covid-19 Lockdowns on Road Deaths in April 2020 in Europe

9 July 2020 – Preliminary data from 25 EU Member States show an average 36% drop in road deaths in April 2020 compared to the average of the same month in the previous three years, according to a new report by the European Transport Safety Council.

High priority roads identified for safety investment

6 July 2020 – A number of road sections that are high priority for immediate investment to save lives have been identified as government is expected to announce a spend of £900m for “shovel ready” local projects in England this year and in 2021.

Awards recognition for RideFree scheme

6 July 2020 – A scheme which aims to improve the safety of young motorcyclists – by improving CBT training – has been named the winner of the 2020 CIHT Kier Road Safety Award.

Stress and Fatigue

3 July 2020 – Practical guidance available on managing stress and fatigus

SuM4All Receives Prestigious 2020 World Bank Award.

1 July 2020 – Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) received the prestigious Vice Presidency Award as one of the most outstanding activities in the World Bank’s Infrastructure Group in 2020.

Youth leading the charge for road safety - YOURS Annual Report

24 June 2020 – Before many young people can start realizing their dreams, they are taken from the world because of road crashes. Every day more than a thousand of them die on the roads and with them their dreams for a life and future. Most of these deaths are preventable, and it saddens me to tell you that I am not able to bring you a different message on the eve of YOURS’ 10-year anniversary in 2020.

A year of successes influencing the global road safety agenda

22 June 2020 – This has been an extraordinarily successful year of growth and delivery for the World Bank's Global Road Safety Facility

Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards - Nominations

22 June 2020 – Each year the most outstanding examples of international road safety initiatives are given public recognition through the scheme.

Mobile app for First Responders in Europe

17 June 2020 – Euro NCAP has, together with The International Association of Fire & Rescue Services (the CTIF), centralised the manufacturers’ rescue sheets in a new app, ‘Euro Rescue’.

Countries making the most progress on road safety in Europe.

17 June 2020 – The Baltic States, together with Greece and Portugal, were the best performing countries in the EU according to a new report on the progress made reducing road deaths in Europe since 2010, published by the European Transport Safety Council.

iRAP Achievements in 101 Countries

16 June 2020 – iRAP’s latest metrics have been released showing work across 101 countries with European risk-mapping growth, 770 school assessments in 38 countries, great training activity and an additional USD$11.3 billion in safer roads investment in the last 12 months.

Winners announced for the FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards 2020

15 June 2020 – The winners of the FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards 2020 have been announced.