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The UK School Crossing Patrol (SCP) service celebrates its Platinum Jubilee

1 June 2023 – The service was officially created by the School Crossing Patrol Act in 1953. The first official patrol started work in 1954 and while the uniform and sign have changed to meet modern standards – and patrols can now stop traffic to cross any pedestrian, adult or child – the role is essentially the same today as it was 70 years ago!

Rescue Sheets essential for EuroNCAP ratings

30 May 2023 – Euro NCAP rewards those vehicles for which a ‘rescue sheet’ is made available by the manufacturer . This sheet is readily available to first-responders and identifies potential hazards such as the location of airbags, pre-tensioners and critical wiring, as well as the best places to cut open the structure.

Cycle Safety

26 May 2023 – Cyclists represent a significant proportion of all VRUS especially in Europe and America. New vehicle technologies are now being developed to increase their safety.

Leading By Example

18 May 2023 – By gaining a thorough understanding of the key factors at play, organisations can implement improvements to their practice to reduce the number, and severity, of collisions involving vehicles on the road.

Think Global act Local

17 May 2023 – TRL Software’s Head of Delivery & Operations, Tony Mathew, has been considering similar campaigns that take place in countries in around the world– and the need to consider regional differences when drawing up any form of road safety strategy.

Step by Step - Safe Crossing Initiative

16 May 2023 – Small-scale pedestrian infrastructure interventions for high impact.

Understanding HGVs

8 May 2023 – Two useful and inspiring campaigns have recently been launched to tackle the challenge of HGV safety. Both are aimed at other road users to help them understand some of the realites and limitations of HGVs.

Prince Michael International Awards - Nominations

8 May 2023 – Nominations close in June so any team, public or private sector organisation, government department, or business. wishing to be considered for an award should submit their nomination

Self-Driving Information Toolkit

2 May 2023 – A new toolkit has ben launched to provide a set of clear definitions, terminologies and explanations, using plain language for use in self-driving vehicle marketing.

Project EDWARD Week of Action

24 April 2023 – Sharing good practice from around the four nations of the UK to inspire everyone to learn from what has been shown to work.

#RethinkMobility - Global Road Safety Week 15-21 May

24 April 2023 – All road safety and sustainable mobility partners are invited to mark the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week by organizing events and activities and sharing messages and materials on social media

Ten Cities to have Safer Streets for KIds

4 April 2023 – Ten cities working to make their streets safer, more accessible, and more enjoyable for children and caregivers will take that work to new levels this year with the help of GDCI’s global team of experts providing hands-on support.