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Building Back Safer – Making Roads Fit for 2030

17 July 2021 – A report, from the Road Safety Foundation and Ageas Insurance says that the pandemic has presented a unique chance to re-shape travel patterns and support healthier travel choices, which in turn will cut casualty numbers and help to achieve health, exercise, net-zero carbon and air quality goals.

Eight Steps To Improved Road Safety Education

23 June 2021 – This new report provides a starting point for those who design, test, implement and evaluate educational activities on traffic safety and mobility, and are embarking upon the creation of new, or updating existing, activities.

EU Road Deaths Down by 3900 in 2020

16 June 2021 – There were around 3900 fewer road deaths in the European Union in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to a new report by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC). The unprecedented 17% annual reduction in deaths is most likely attributable to Covid-19 restrictions on travel.

Nominations sought for Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards

16 June 2021 – Recognising outstanding achievement and innovation since 1987 Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards have given public recognition to those who have improved road safety world-wide.

ISA on all new European Vehicles by 2022

1 June 2021 – ETSC has welcomed endorsement by EU Member States of technical standards for Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)

World Bank and iRAP helping save lives in Africa - Webinar Series

25 May 2021 – The webinar series World Bank and iRAP helping save lives in Africa: BIGRS 2020-25 is designed to provide an introduction to iRAP to those in Africa who want to use the methodology to help eliminate high-risk roads,

Tribute to Max Mosley founder of EuroNCAP who died recently

24 May 2021 – Max Mosley, who as President of the FIA established the FIA Foundation, has died aged 81.

Safe Streets Advocacy Hub launched

23 May 2021 – Safe Streets Advocacy Hub launched to support #StreetsforLife campaign for 30 km/h urban streets

Fleet Safety Guide Update

21 May 2021 – This Occupational Road and Fleet Safety Guide is built on Fleet Forums’ Fleet Safety Guide that was originally launched in 2008

Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards - Nominations

18 May 2021 – Each year the most outstanding examples of international road safety initiatives are given public recognition through the scheme.

Road Deaths and Injuries Shatter Lives

17 May 2021 – The Impetus for Lower Speeds and Serious Post-Crash Response

Interactive Map to help Young Drivers and their Parents

12 May 2021 – The risks young drivers face on rural roads are easy to under-estimate. Yet the simple fact is many young drivers and their parents are unaware of the significant and specific risks these roads pose. This an interactive map which shows exactly which rural roads pose the greatest danger to young drivers.