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Decade of Action

In 2012 His Royal Highness introduced his ‘Decade of Action Award’ to recognise significant effort in advancing the international road safety agenda during the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. Alongside the Premier Award this is among the most prestigious of awards in the global road safety community.

Decade of Action Award Winners

  • The first recipient in 2012, was Mayor Michael R Bloomberg , for his leadership in road safety philanthropy and his prioritising of pedestrians and cyclists in New York City.
  • In 2013 the Decade of Action Award was presented to the Government of the Russian Federation for its leadership in hosting the Moscow Ministerial, driving forward the sustainable mobility agenda at the United Nations and promoting the inclusion of road safety in the 2012 Rio+20 Summit Communique.
  • In 2014 the Government of Victoria, Australia, was recognised for its leadership – at home and internationally – in promoting the Safe System approach. Through its Transport Accident Commission and Vic Roads , Victoria has set the standard for calculating the real costs of road trauma and investing in improving road infrastucture safety, enforcement and innovative awareness campaign.
  • In 2015, on the eve of the Brasilia Ministerial, the Decade of Action Award was presented to the Government of Brazil for its leadership in promoting road safety for inclusion in the Sustainable Development Goals, for hosting the 2nd High Level Conference on Road Safety , and for consistent advocacy for safe and sustainable mobility at the United Nations.
  • In 2016 His Royal Highness presented his Decade of Action Award to the International Transport Forum, for its report ‘Zero Road Deaths and Serious Injuries: Leading a Paradigm Shift in Road Safety’ . The citation read, “When many high income countries have seen a plateau or increase in their road traffic deaths, and when the global epidemic in middle and low income countries continues to rage, a paradigm shift to the Safe System is essential. This begins with persuading road safety practitioners and policymakers, and their political leaders. The International Transport Forum’s work and new report provide both the evidence and the momentum at a critical time.
  • In 2019 His Royal Highness honoured the World Health Organsiation for its tireless leadership of, and contribution to, the field of road safety. Among its achievements was its publication of the World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention, which won the Premier Award in 2004 and drew public attention to the scale of road traffic casualties across the globe. Since then WHO has led the establishment of the UN Road Safety Collaboration and implementation of The Decade of Action called for by a UN General Assembly resolution in 2010 amongst other things.