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International Association of Oil & Gas Producers-IOGP – Report 365

Road Safety Management, 2015

The mission of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) - Land Transportation Safety Subcommittee (LTSC) is the sustainable reduction of driving related injuries and fatalities for its member companies and the upstream oil and gas industry in general. Driving related incidents are the single largest cause of fatalities in the oil and gas industry.

IOGP encompasses 79 of the world's leading publicly traded, private and state-owned oil & gas companies, industry associations and major upstream service companies.

Too frequently an initiative fails due to its lack of acceptance based on ‘poor fit’ for its intended audience. To maximize the applicability of any document created and to help ensure that all were ‘fit-for-purpose’ for the industry, IOGP established a Task Force made up of recognized oil and gas industry leaders in road safety programs. This formula had proven successful in other safety and operations related initiatives within IOGP’s purview.

The document set developed is based on member experience and best practice found to be effective in reducing injury and fatalities due to land transportation activities in the upstream oil and gas industry.

To be able to measure any success in the implementation of Report 365 in a way meaningful to industry members, a set of metrics was developed in unison. These metrics were selected to establish measures in keeping with the culture of a risk-aware and safety-conscious industry and its exposures. The terms and parameters of the metrics needed to be recognizable to the industry to provide the desired value versus employing an external regimen.