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Department for Transport-THINK! Drink Drive Campaign Team – Use of social media

Safer Road Users, 2015

THINK! marked the 50th anniversary of the first drink drive public information film by creating a national campaign consisting of a commemorative film supported by PR and Twitter activity that used archived drink drive advertisements.

A new and effective element of the 2014 campaign was the use of social media. It achieved extensive coverage in national media and online with 952,500 YouTube views of which 46% were generated through organic views. The organic Twitter promotion reached over 600,000 people and achieved over 18,000 engagements (i.e. people who took an action on the tweet such as clicking a link or retweeting) with an engagement rate of 36%, far exceeding industry benchmarks of 1%.

The campaign tracking survey shows that it made significant attitudinal shifts amongst the primary audience of men aged 17-29 between 2007 and 2014. For example, over this period there has been a 14% increase in agreement that ‘If I drink drive I would be likely to get caught by the police’. There has also seen an increase over this time in the social unacceptability of drink driving with 63% of our 2014 sample of young men agreeing that ‘it’s extremely unacceptable to drive after two pints’, a 5% increase from 2007.