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SaveLIFE Foundation India – SaveLIFE Foundation Advocacy Law

Road Safety Management, 2014

In the past decade over one million people have been killed in road crashes in India. The causes range from bad road user behaviour, flawed road design, to weak enforcement of traffic laws. SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) has successfully advocated for a comprehensive road safety law which includes the establishment of a lead agency.

As a result of over two years sustained advocacy on June 5th, 2014 the Minister of Road Transport Highways and Shipping announced that the present Motor Vehicles Act 1988 would be replaced with a stronger legislation. Recognising SLF’s advocacy, the Government of India asked it to support the drafting of the new road safety law. The new law is to be introduced in the Parliament of India shortly.

 The new Law will, for the first time cover all road users and address various risk factors and systemic deficiencies which are presently unaddressed in the legal framework. The new law will also define enforcement mechanisms making it immediately enforceable and its impact measureable.