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Real Rider – Real Rider App

Motorcycle, 2014

Launched in February 2013, REALRIDER® is an industry-first safety-based app for motorcyclists. It is the first of its kind to detect if a rider has had a crash, notify the NHS, who can send an ambulance to the rider’s last known location if needed.

Monitoring key sensors in Smartphones, the app looks for changes that occur during a crash, such as rapid deceleration or a tumbling motion followed by a period of no movement. If the REALRIDER® app detects a crash, an alert is triggered. If the rider is not hurt they can deactivate the alert to prevent information from being sent. If the alert is untouched, the phone sends location and medical details to the Ambulance Control Room. As they receive the information a 3-call process is triggered to see if contact can be made with the rider. If they are able to respond and are injured at the scene they will be talked through a triage process to determine the extent of injuries. If the rider does not respond, the Ambulance Service begins the process of dispatching to the riders’ last known location.