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Nottinghamshire County Council with Vysionics – The A614 scheme

Road Safety Management, 2014

Nottinghamshire has recently been named as Britain’s best performing area for reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on its roads last year. A major factor in this success was the route enforcement strategy for the A614.
Completed in early 2012, this addressed a significant collision and casualty history where in a five year period, 289 people had been killed or seriously injured.
Nottinghamshire County Council implemented a SPECS3 average speed enforcement system from Vysionics, covering 21km of the route. Nottinghamshire already operate several average speed enforced routes, but the A614 was the first to deliver a number of innovations including infra-red flood lighting on dark sections of road. In addition, the A614 scheme was also the first ever project procured through the Traffic Management Technology framework, managed through the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). This enabled efficiencies in terms of project delivery, time saved, effort and money.
Most significantly there have been no fatalities, an outstanding achievement. In casualty savings the scheme has paid for itself in six months of operation, covering both installation and future maintenance costs.