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West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Huber Safer Roads Partnership – 'Someone's Son'

Driver Education, 2012

The 'Someone's Son'  campaign's main aim is to humanise and personalise the motorcyclist/driver relationship. Research has identified that drivers who are, or who know, a motorcyclist are less likely to be involved in a collision with one. Drivers are encouraged to look out for motorcyclists, especially at junctions and roundabouts and riders to give drivers a chance to see them through good road positioning, appropriate speed and wearing high visibility gear.

The campaign has regularly featured on radio for the last three years, with the adverts targeting the main times when crashes occur. The bespoke website has been visited by 2,500 people, over 1,000 high visibility vests have been distributed and 32,000 riders have received information leaflets via a popular biking magazine.