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Exceldia – Revolutions

Driver Education, 2012

A Driving Revolutionary Honoured

Julia Malkin MBE, has received a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award this month for her work in designing and providing courses for driving instructors (ADIs) to teach people with various special needs to drive, and drive safely, providing them with an essential vehicle to a more independent and rewarding life.

Julia set up Exceldia (the Excel Driver and Instructor Academy of Leicester), with the goal of ensuring that every special needs pupil has a special-need trained ADI within 30 miles of where they live.

The ‘Revolutions’ and ‘Revolutions Plus’ courses included in the Academy’s work, equip ADIs with the extra skills and understanding needed to teach and train those with special educational needs, covering everything from autism, aspergers and ADHD, through to panic attacks and confidence issues. The modules also continue to advanced driving and improving life skills, whatever age, through coaching and educational courses.