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Sussex Safer Roads Partnership – Embrace Life

Public Education, 2010

Nationally approximately 3,370 people are estimated be injured through forgetting to put their belt on, and 353 killed. In Sussex, offence data shows that 5000+ vehicle drivers and passengers are fined every year for failure to wear a seatbelt.? Particular peaks occur in towns such as Brighton and Crawley with a high influx of tourist and visitor motorists.

Embrace Life was created to illustrate the poignancy of a single moment and the impact it can have on the people and world around us. The motif of the life saving 'embrace' portrays to the audience the positive influence they can have on their family, friends and colleagues by showing wearing a seat belt as not just an act for the individual but as an act of selflessness.

Embrace Life was launched on the 20th January 2010 and immediately swept around the Internet.