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Road Safety Foundation

Safer Roads, 2010

The Road Safety Foundation is a UK charity advocating road casualty reduction through action on three components of the safe road system: roads, vehicles and behaviour. The Foundation is responsible for the European Road Assessment Programme in the UK and Ireland.  Several of its published reports have provided the basis of new legislation or government policy.

As well as demonstrating consistency in its style of measurement and reporting, the Foundation is also open to exploring new uses for the data it collects, such as production of risk maps in published road atlases; seeking to have the data incorporated into sat-nav systems; and in 2010, producing the first map of deaths and serious injuries by parliamentary constituency, so that every MP is aware of the risks in their area.

The work of the Road Safety Foundation analysis gives local authorities clear guidance about where their problems lie and how to resolve them, and the Foundation validates all its data with road authorities before publication to ensure buy-in and understanding.