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Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership – 2Fast2Soon

Driver Education, 2010

The programme is aimed at educating, training and protecting drivers aged 17-24.

The hard-hitting 2Fast2Soon initiative presents emotive messages in the form of an educational drama based on real events, combined with follow-up workshops and practical training to alter dangerous driving behaviours.

Phase one of the programme is a realistically-presented educational drama, this is done in a theatre and has so far been shown to over four thousand young adults.

The second phase involves classroom-based activities and workshops focused on informing young drivers of the consequences of driving at excessive speed and teaching them responsibility for their actions in a vehicle. Participants are also asked to draft up and sign a ‘safe driving charter,’ reinforcing their commitment.

Lastly, a third phase of the initiative integrates practical driving training with the previously delivered classroom-based knowledge. This is presented by experienced trainers and teaches how to avoid hazardous driving conditions such as loss of vehicle control.