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Royal Mail – Fleet Award, Sponsored by IAM Drive & Support

Fleet Safety, 2009

With a fleet of 33,000 vehicles, 28,000 bicycles, and 90,000 drivers travelling 605 million miles annually to 27 million locations, road safety is a major challenge and a top priority for Royal Mail Group - A Driving for Better Business Champion The success of several systems-based initiatives including Driver Risk Assessment, Vehicle Telemetry, Accident Management and Risk Data-Warehousing, has produced impressive results: ‘Fatal collisions reduced by 30% and a 7% reduction in collisions as a whole over the last 12 months’. Royal Mail have also worked to improve road safety in the wider business community and are heavily involved in the Fleet Safety Benchmarking Project.

Sponsored by IAM Drive & Support - A fleet operator which demonstrates dedication which will enhance fleet safety.