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Together we Can Make the Difference

Public Education, 2007

‘Together We Can Make the Difference’ (MTD) was launched by Lancashire County Council as a mechanism to address the Governments road casualty targets. MTD actively encourages a change in attitude and behaviour, amoung individuals, companies, community groups, organisations, schools and colleges as well as Primary Care Trusts and Health Authorities. These bodies are asked to make a signed commitment to the aims of ‘MTD’ and identify ways in which they can implement the strategy. Whether an individual, business, community group or voluntary organisation, a new partner must demonstrate a basic level of commitment to the strategies aims.

Over 26,000 individuals, organisations and companies have pledged their commitment to the strategy. With direct public commitment from the Leader and Chair of the County Council championing the MTD strategy extra money has been secured to ensure MTD is a sustainable long term strategy.