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Russian Federation Road Traffic Inspectorate

International Award, 2007

The Russian Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate has been responsible for the establishment in 2006 of a new Interministerial Commission on Road Safety which has prepared a new Special Purpose Programme ?Improving Road Safety 2006 to 2012? and new legislative proposals to update the nation?s road traffic laws. The Inspectorate is also leading a range of public awareness activities to promote improved road user behaviour.

The Inspectorate has on behalf of the Russian Federation also played a leading role in promoting international action on road safety. The Inspectorate now holds the Chairmanship of the UN Economic Commission for Europe?s Working Party on Road Traffic Safety which has established a compendium of good practice road safety policies.

This year it established a regional road safety initiative of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In November in St Petersburg, the Inspectorate assisted the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS to adopt a road safety declaration that calls upon all member states to develop national road safety strategies and action plans.

Its head, General Kiryanov is an active member of the Commission for Global Road Safety. The General and the Inspectorate has played a key role in supporting the offer made by the Russian Federation to host a proposed first ever UN Ministerial Conference on global road safety in 2009.