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M25 Sphere

Public Education, 2007

M25 Sphere pilots a national campaign to help children understand the dangers of dropping objects on to roads from bridges.In response to growing concerns in Surrey - where the Police reported 200 incidents in 2003 alone - the Highways Agency and its M25 Sphere agent, Mouchel Parkman, have pioneered an innovative safety campaign that helps children understand the dangers of dropping objects on to roads. Targeting youngsters under 16 who are the main offenders, working in partnership with RoSPA, Surrey Police and Surrey County Council the agents have developed packages of educational materials to help children understand that even the smallest/lightest object, when dropped from a height, can cause severe damage to vehicles passing underneath and to their occupants.

Two programmes: ?Just a stone?s throw? and ?Throwing it all away? were rolled out nationally through LASER teaching packs, RoSPA?s Junior Citizen Schemes, LARSOA, the Association of Chief Police Officers and other road safety organisations, including the Fire & Rescue Service.