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Greater Manchester Police – Operation Cheetah

Public Education, 2007

Operation Cheetah has the following aims:

  1. To improve road safety on Manchester’s roads by tracing and prosecuting serial offenders who provide false information in an attempt to avoid prosecution. These offenders are a danger to themselves and other road users.
  2. To prevent law abiding motorists who have been badly advised finding themselves in a position where they are committing serious criminal offences by attempting to avoid speeding/ red light offences.

Operation Cheetah delivers these two aims by scanning for suspicious nominations by drivers in response to the documentation which is sent through the post to the registered keeper of a vehicle that has been detected either speeding or going through a red light. Extensive enquires are then conducted to dispel the often elaborate deceit employed by offenders in their attempts to avoid prosecution.

Much of Operation Cheetah has been funded by the Safety Camera Partnership and now by the Greater Manchester Road Safety Partnership.