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British Horse Society – CD Rom

Public Education, 2007

The British Horse Society has recently produced a unique interactive CD-Rom to assist Riding & Road Safety Trainers in teaching all those who ride on today’s roads. It is now into the second year of its use at Riding & Road Safety training sessions. Every year over 4,500 riders take training for their BHS Riding & Road Safety Test, which teaches them roadcraft as it ensures that the candidate learns everything that they need to know to be safe on the road in a wide variety of situations. It is the only test that any rider will take that might save their own life, that of their horse and other road users too.

The CD-Rom, which is used by trainers and examiners and road safety test candidates is a unique training aid in the field of riding and road safety. Used in conjunction with the BHS Riding & Roadcraft Manual and the Highway Code it will ensure that all riding and road safety test candidates are prepared in the same way for their test. The British Horse Society