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Children's Traffic Club

School Community based, 2006

To date over 3 million children around the UK have become members and received The Club materials directly into their home.

The Children’s Traffic Club continues to be the most researched, evaluated, successful, effective road safety educational communication programme in the UK.

In London, The Children’s Traffic Club also marks its most successful year in delivering road safety and active travel education to over 100,000 pre-schoolers in living in Greater London. Although the programme has been running in London since 2003 it was relaunched in 2015 following a two-year research process, a complete re-brand and a whole content redevelopment into a new multi-media digital format.

Funded by TfL, the bespoke London centric resource, features characters that reflect London’s diverse populations and locations. The latest figures show it has been a huge success with 85% of Greater London’s population of three-year-olds registered. This mean that more than 630,000 pre-school children in London have benefited from CTC in its various formats.