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Chevron Global Lubricants


Highly Commended, 2006

The company has a firm and longstanding commitment to safety and its initiatives spread far beyond the acquisition, processing and distribution of its oil and petroleum products.

The Europe, Eurasia, Pakistan, Africa and Middle East regions of Chevron run numerous programmes promoting road safety, not only aimed at their own employees, but road users in general within its territories.

These eminently replicable initiatives have already reduced accidents and saved lives and are destined to bring about a real culture change in countries with appalling road safety records. Whilst Chevron is running many projects across its regions, the focus of this submission is on just five projects. Training drivers and improving vehicle standards in Nigeria, Road safety seminars for Ugandan taxi drivers and operators. Havoline ‘Sober Driver Award’ targets influential journalists in Kenya. Recognising ‘Roadstars’ – rewarding best practice amongst drivers in Dubai. Spurring Private and Public Sector Action for Road Safety in Guatemala, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda.