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TENIX Solutions and Astucia

International Award, 2004

Tenix Solutions provides fully integrated traffic and parking management enforcement solutions including innovative use of on-road safety cameras, fully integrated back office processing services, real time intelligence and information and capability of providing speed, bus/transit lane and toll enforcement.

Astucia (UK) Ltd designs and has developed the Intelligent Road Studs (IRS) as a major contributor to road safety and to the reduction of collisions. Tenix Solutions and Astucia are now jointly developing camera and detection technologies to enhance road safety and traffic management.

One of Astucia’s products, the Early Warning Speeding System (EWSS) is being prototyped by Tenix Solutions. The EWSS is an in-road system which has a speed detection capability.



Contact Catherine McDonald: Catherine.mcdonald@tenix.com, 079097 43184.