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TTC 2000


Alcohol / drug related, 2003

TTC 2000 - a not for profit company is now the leading provider of education courses for convicted drink drivers.

Some 6,774 convicted drink drivers benefited by attending 628 courses in 71 venues across 14 counties in 2002. Double the number of courses were run in 2000. Since inception TTC has put 21,000 people convicted of drink driving through 1,911 alcohol awareness courses which has led to a dramatic fall in re-offending. More than 40 trainers are employed to run the weekend and mid week courses.

Offenders who attend TTC 2000 courses are three times less likely to re-offend.

TRL tracked 3,500 offenders over five years after they were first sent by the courts to attend an alcohol rehabilitation course. Results showed they had significantly increased their knowledge with a marked change in attitude towards drink driving. Only 5.3 per cent of men and 4.3 per cent of women had re-offended after five years.