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Swindon Borough Council, Theatre in Education and Video


School Community based, 2003

The tutor group at the local 6th form college looked at ways of encouraging children, young people and those who were not so young to have a positive attitude towards drinking and driving and look at the consequences of these actions. They designed a series of resources for use with Key Stage 2 and new and existing drivers.

The pack for schools is designed to be used as a CD Rom programme to encourage learning by highlighting the risk to child pedestrians, cyclist and passengers when drivers have either had too much to drink or taken drugs. There is a pack for new drivers, this includes a key ring, post cards giving 'actual experiences' and prison sentences, and a credit card giving details of average alcoholic limits of standard size drinks.

Other resources include a series of posters, all designed to suit a different market, one set of three posters depicts a pint glass with a series of text messages, and these are very topical with the boom in mobile phones.

Swindon Borough Council were responsible for both theses promotions.

Contact: Margaret Tester, 01793 463000, mtester@swindon.gov.uk.