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RAC?s Grass Routes


School Community based, 2003

RAC's Grass Routes Investigating Safer Journeys to School programme is now in its third year. Originally formulated to focus primarily on the environmental effects of the school run, as well as connected issues such as road safety, personal security and health, this year's Grass Routes now takes road safety as its focal point.

The Grass Routes pack has been reformulated specifically to tackle the problem of road safety skills amongst the most vulnerable group of road users in the UK – secondary school pupils, and in particular 11-12 year olds.

The pack is free of charge and has been enthusiastically received by secondary school teachers and Road Safety Officers. The carbon emissions produced as a result of the Grass Routes pack being printed have been offset by the planting of trees in UK forests.

Contact: Nicola Latham, 02089 172937, nlatham@rac.co.uk.