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Freight Transport Association Driver Fatigue Campaign

Occupational Road Safety, 2003

Some twenty per cent of motorway crashes are caused by fatigue. The FTA was aware of the potential dangers of lorries being driven by tired drivers. The FTA worked with AWAKE, the sleep research unit at the University of Loughborough, to produce best practice advice for drivers and managers by means of posters, leaflets and pocket cards distributed directly to drivers and in co-operation the police, at motorway service areas and other roadside locations. In addition every FTA member has received a copy of the FTA Guide to Driver Fatigue.

FTA is presently working on new ways to develop the campaign and increase public and industry knowledge of fatigue and how to recognise it, prevent it, and increase road safety. The association is looking at extending the campaign to cover drink, drugs and mobile phones.

Contact: Geoff Dosseter, 01892 552255.