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Fatal Attraction

Motorcycle, 2003

A campaign to reduce casualties to riders of sports bikes in the East Midlands region, organised by The Shiny Side Up Partnership.

Developed by the Nottinghamshire Casualty Reduction Partnership in response to a significant increase in casualties to motorcyclists in Nottinghamshire in 2001, when the total reached 26, the Fatal Attraction Campaign message seeks to influence rider attitudes and behaviour, particularly the riders of sports and performance bikes.

The campaign does not adopt an authoritarian style or a clichéd "ride safely" message but seeks to embrace the unique ethos of the sport. It recognises that these riders are skilled and will ride to the limits whenever possible - offering training or safety advice to this group is likely to fall on deaf ears! This new project takes a different approach; it seeks to influence the behaviour of sports bike riders by making them think about the choices they take each time they ride. The campaign does not try to preach about riding safely; in fact the word "safe" is hardly mentioned. It does make innovative use of graphic images of crashes and thought-provoking comments to bring alive the dangers of taking risks and riding to the limits.

Contact: Sheila Ormerod, 01623 631641.