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Drive Alive-South Africa

School Community based, 2003

Drive Alive was officially formed in 1989 as a non-profit people's road safety organization in South Africa. Working in conjunction with the Department of Transport, it reaches areas the Department does not.

Drive Alive is dedicated to educating the youth of the country, changing the attitudes of road users, and creating a climate where the law is implemented and the government recognises the necessity for increased law enforcement.

Chosen as the number one project by the Global Road Safety Partnership under the auspices of the World Bank in 2000, the Drive Alive Pedestrian Visibility Campaign educates the public and advocates legislation to make it compulsory for all school uniforms to be reflective to increase pedestrian visibility. A TV series 'Soul Buddyz' with the highest ratings of any children's TV series in the country has been used together with school, volunteer and parents' groups to deliver the Pedestrian Visibility Campaign.

Theatre is also used to put across the key safety messages - The Plastered Cast Theatre Company produces a 30 minute revue called 'Syabonna'- Seen and be seen- under the direction of 'Drive Alive' using road safety and reflective rules with humour, music, dance and acting.

Moira Winslow who leads Drive Alive has become a well-regarded national figure campaigning for improved road safety education in South Africa, where the statistics are appalling. This award will help her to raise awareness both at home and across the world of the huge road safety problem which is facing society in the emerging countries of our world.

Contact: Moira Winslow, safety@drivealive.org.za.