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Coproral Mickey McLean

School Community based, 2002

Royal Military Police Officer, Corporal Mickey McLean, received his Award for sourcing, and organising the distribution of Cats' Eyes Reflectors to children in Kosovo.

Whilst stationed in Pristina, he became acutely aware of the high incidence of child road accidents, linked to curfews. Road conditions there were particularly hostile to pedestrians with no street lighting. Mickey was put in contact with Nationwide, who agreed to provide 20,000 reflectors.

Corporal McLean became the first military personnel member to receive an Award in PMIRSA's fifteen year history.

Nationwide continues to provide reflectors through Cpl Mickey McLean's contacts.

Further information: Nationwide, Andrew Litchfield, 01793 655143.

Corporal Mickey McLean was an Award Winner in 2002.