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Blackburn with Darwen

Highway engineering improvement, 2000

The concept behind this local initiative is to unite all road safety work under the 'together we can make a difference campaign' umbrella. The initiative strives to raise awareness of issues relating to road casualty reduction over a minimum period of five years. The strategy encourages change by inviting key community agencies, groups, associations, individuals and the private sector to make a commitment to the core aims of the concept and establish their own deliverables and objectives.

Blackburn with Darwen is among the 30 English local authorities with the worst casualty rates. Objectives were set to reduce this figure by 3% by the end of 2000. Action to be taken included, 15 Traffic calming schemes were to be implemented, 12 roads with poor road safety records were to be targeted for road traffic speed enforcement, 500 child pedestrians were to be trained and a occupational road risk seminar to be organised.

Blackburn with Darwen was an award winner in 2000.