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Think Mates for Life Campaign re-Launched.

21 November 2022

THINK! is relaunching its Mates for Life drink drive campaign. The short films show a young man encouraging his friend not to drink before getting in front of the wheel, by reminding him of the lifelong friendship and adventures they are yet to have. Following the campaign running in 2021, two thirds of the audience who saw it took action as a result, including intervening to stop a mate drink driving.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of young males agreeing that driving over the legal alcohol limit is risky. We’re bringing back Mates for Life to continue rebuilding their understanding of the risks of drink driving and the importance of stepping in to stop it. The campaign is timed to coincide with the festive party season returning in full after the pandemic and the first ever winter World Cup kicking off, creating more opportunities for drink driving.

The campaign will run from 21 November to the end of 2022, showing 17 to 24 year-old male drivers that ‘a mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’. It will do this through reaching our young audience where they spend their time, on social media and via video on demand, YouTube and gaming platform Twitch. New for this year, we will be running out of home activity in bars, pubs, universities, gyms and sports clubs to remind our audience in the moments just before or while they are socialising.

To broaden the reach of our Mates for Life message, Think has re-partnered with drinks producer Diageo and their Guinness brand. Guinness will feature partnership content on their social media channels, encouraging friends to opt for their non-alcoholic 0.0% alternative, and carrying our message that ‘a mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’. The  campaign activity will once again drive the audience to Diageo’s ‘ Wrong Side of the Road’ tool, which provides an interactive online experience where people can learn about the consequences of drink driving by asking questions to real drink drivers.

Download campaign toolkit