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THINK! is re-launching the Pint Block campaign

26 August 2021

THINK! is re-launching the Pint Block campaign to shift attitudes and behaviours among young men towards drink driving.

As Covid-19 changed the landscape of hospitality and socialising, over the past year THINK! found a decrease in young male drivers agreeing that it is very risky to drive over the legal alcohol limit. The Pint Block campaign, launched in 2019, led to an increase in young men agreeing that they would intervene to stop a friend drink driving, and this next stage of the campaign will aim to shift attitudes and behaviours over two campaign bursts – late August to September and November to December, both times of the year when we see higher rates of drink-related deaths and serious injuries among our target audience.

The campaign tackles drink driving amongst this heavily over-represented group, by encouraging mates to have each other’s backs with the message that ‘A mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’. As restrictions ease, the message of intervening to stop drink driving among groups of friends is particularly important.

A series of videos and animations that depict humorous Pint Blocks will run across Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, online video and digital display in pubs and bars. To get the message across, these Pint Block posts will target optimal times such as weekends and football fixtures, when friends are more likely to be out together.

To amplify the reach of this campaign, THINK! has partnered with LADbible, who have developed their own content to share the key message that a mates doesn’t let a mate drink drive.

Resources are available here.