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The World Bank – Road Safety Innovations

Road Safety Management, 2020

The World Bank has elevated its commitment to road safety to be stronger than ever before. The WB adopted a series of strategic and systemic policy changes and additional requirements, including the addition of road safety in the Bank’s Environment and Social Framework (‘Safeguards’) and new road safety requirements by the Transport Global Practice. A guide, an assessment tool, and expanded training have been provided to ensure delivery. Many thousands of lives are already being saved in Bank projects.

This is the unique multi-component programmatic assurance of road safety by a development agency such as the World Bank. In addition to the policy innovations set in creating road safety requirements for all relevant Bank funded projects, the  Road Safety Assessment Tool (RSSAT) developed in 2019 tool is a major technical innovation. It includes software and a manual and provides for measurement of project road safety impacts by assessing the change in deaths- without versus with the project. This unique tool is also being shared with others for use.