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The Roads and Transport Authority Dubai – The Dubai Road Safety Strategy- Improving Road Safety through Partnerships.

Road Safety Management, 2020

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is responsible for the efficient movement of transport in Dubai. A key component of this responsibility is road safety, which directly relates to the RTA’s vision of “Safe and Smooth Transport for All”. In 2008, the RTA initiated a multi-sector Road Safety Strategy which was based on developing strategic partnerships.

The implementation was in 2 phases:

· Consolidation Period (3 year period 2008-2010) during which the RTA and other agencies started to implement important initiatives including revised Traffic Law (March 2008), increased police enforcement, establishment of the RTA Licensing Agency, commencement of the footbridge programme and several safety studies as part of the research base.

· The implementation of a well-resourced Road Safety Strategy which integrated government departments and private sector. This led to a successful Fatality Reduction Period.