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Ten Cities to have Safer Streets for KIds

4 April 2023

Ten cities working to make their streets safer, more accessible, and more enjoyable for children and caregivers will take that work to new levels this year with the help of GDCI’s global team of experts providing hands-on support.

  GDCI’s has announced its 2023 Streets for Kids Selected Cities.

Each of the selected cities will use this opportunity to advance their unique Streets for Kids work. Abuja, Nigeria, will re-design a street near a high school. Cuenca, Ecuador, will transform a street near an early childhood school in a rapidly densifying neighborhood. Istanbul, Turkey, will transform a street near a primary school into a safe walking environment for children while also creating more opportunities for play. Leon, Mexico, will connect after school clubs to their urban surroundings while also fostering active travel in ways the entire community can enjoy. Lima, Peru, will redesign an intersection next to an elementary school and kindergartens in the historic center of the city. Lusaka, Zambia, will improve safety and accessibility of the street near the historic landmark site and a school. Recife, Brazil, will permanently transform an unpaved street to improve the safety and comfort of students and caregivers walking to school. Santiago, Chile, will create an interim street design intervention near two schools and two plazas along a central commercial boulevard. Solo, Indonesia, will create a safer and more attractive walking route near a junior high school that accommodates kids, caregivers, and seniors informed by its youth-focused participatory process. And Tyre, Lebanon, will introduce the ideas of safe and healthy streets through a series of activities, programs, workshops, and awareness sessions.

Designing Streets for Kids is NACTO-GDCI's latest guide to designing urban streets won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2021.