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SuM4All Receives Prestigious 2020 World Bank Award.

1 July 2020

News from Sustainable Mobility For All.

Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) received the prestigious Vice Presidency Award as one of the most outstanding activities in the World Bank’s Infrastructure Group in 2020. 

The award, normally granted to Bank-financed projects and knowledge work, specifically recognizes the coalition’s unique value as a multi-stakeholder partnership, and its growing influential contribution to the World Bank’s work, including transport projects.  Also underlined were SuM4All’s demonstrated impact, innovation, respect and inclusivity.

Sustainable Mobility for All, launched in 2017, pioneered a new model for action in transport based on partnership, and has become the premier global platform for international cooperation on transport and mobility issues. SuM4All has succeeded in positioning transport at the core of the global development agenda and has transformed the conversation on the future of mobility in countries and cities. These notable achievements were the result of pooling knowledge and expertise from 54 international organizations and private companies.

SuM4All established technical credibility and legitimacy in the transport sector in the span of three years. For instance, the Global Mobility Report 2017 (GMR) has become the trusted resource on transport for many leaders around the world. 

The recent Global Roadmap of Action toward Sustainable Mobility (GRA) is the only comprehensive catalog of more than 180 policy measures available to decision makers in transport community.

All of that documented knowledge is being put to use. For instance, SuM4All secured an agreement with the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) to pilot the use of the Global Tracking Framework (GTF) and GRA in South Africa. It is a unique undertaking in which expertise and data from partner organizations are collated with those from the World Bank to feed a new engagement and inform new projects in South Africa.

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