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'Slow down traffic to ease health emergency’: Lord Robertson tells UK Parliament

19 March 2020

Writing for The House Magazine, Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Chairman of the FIA Foundation and a member of the UK House of Lords, urges legislators to address the leading cause of death and injury for young people around the world.

Global health is the topic foremost in everyone’s mind at the moment, as governments around the world crunch the numbers on the potential spread and impact of COVID-19. It is a serious and worrying epidemic.

Yet, while we wait for the full scale of the virus to become apparent, here are some numbers from another global epidemic, one that has been with us for years and will tragically still be killing and maiming long after this latest emergency has been resolved.

One hundred million: the number of young people under the age of 18 injured on the world’s roads since 2010.

Two hundred and fifty thousand: the global number of children and teenagers who will be killed by adults driving vehicles this year.

Twenty-three: the number of seconds that tick by between each death on the world’s roads.

Read the full article in The House Magazine here.