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Safety Insights Explorer.

9 February 2023

 iRAP has published a new Safety Insights Explorer.  The Explorer shines a light on the true extent of road trauma, the safety of the world’s roads, and the positive impact that can be made with targeted investment.

The iRAP Safety Insights Explorer updates what was previously known as the Vaccines for Roads iRAP Big Data Tool. The Explorer enables people to interact with the data and filter by country, region (e.g. WHO, UNICEF, Road Safety Observatory and EU) and country income level, injury victim age and sex, Land Use type, Rural/Urban area type, Vehicle Flow and Carriageway type.

With the iRAP Safety Insights Explorer you can explore:

Estimates of the numbers and types of injuries that occur for every country by age and sex.

Star Ratings and key design attributes for more than 502,000km of roads in 84 countries.

The business case for investing in safer roads, including the  life-saving impact of ensuring that most travel occurs on roads rated 3-stars or better for everyone for every country.