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Royal Award for eDriving's Mentor

19 November 2021

eDriving’s Mentor app is a smartphone-based digital driver safety program that identifies driver risk using a validated FICO® Safe Driving Score, and remediates risky behavior with training, coaching and gamification. Among other features, Mentor also incorporates an eco-driving indicator, plus Emergency Response Services, including Automatic Crash Detection and Personal SOS features powered by Sfara and Bosch, extending eDriving’s commitment to keeping drivers safe 24×7. Its 2020 analysis coinciding with 1.5 billion Mentor miles driven concluded that high-risk drivers achieved a 32-38% improvement in their FICO® Safe Driving Scores over six and 15 months, respectively, while reducing speeding events by 71% and 82% and distraction events by 39% and 57% over the same time frames.

Announcing his award Prince Michael said:  “I have been impressed by the valuable work your team at eDriving does to reduce risk, notably to those who drive for work. It is especially noteworthy to see how the company is able to develop and adapt programs for use in several different countries. Most impressive is the way in which you apply sound science to underpin your innovations.”

As with all eDriving programs and tools, Mentor operates within a highly secure, privacy-first environment, in which only driver data required for risk management is shared with the manager. No location data or individual trip data is visible beyond the driver.

Read the full news release here.