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Royal Award for Driving for Better Business

29 November 2021

Driving for Better Business (DfBB) has won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. This a communications programme  works on the premise that employers perform a critical role in the safety of their drivers and other road users. The programme provides information and resources to ensure employers make effective interventions with their drivers and vehicles to improve safety and risk management. Originally established as a business to business programme and delivered by RoadSafe with DfT funding. It is now led by National Highways.

Supporting employers in the management of work-related road risk (WRRR), the programme provides free resources, case studies highlighting good practice, a collaborative community of professionals and employers, accessed through a dedicated website

DfBB vision is “a world where those who use the roads for work do so safely, efficiently and sustainably". The aim is to Improve awareness of WRRR, employers’ duty of care and employees’ responsibility, our ambition is to bring about a radical change in how organisations think about WRRR. Its mission is to improve the levels of compliance for all those who drive or ride for work by demonstrating the significant business benefits of managing WRRR more effectively. Strategic and delivery partners support the aims and objectives of the programme, and support the wider DfBB community providing thought leadership, knowledge, and expertise.

Congratulating National Highways on his award Prince Michael said: 'The approach taken to promote the critical role of employers in delivering road safety by highlighting the many business benefits that stem from good management is truly innovative. Your programme is a fine example of what can be done by sharing good practice and through inspiring leadership. I am sure it can be replicated elsewhere'