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Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards for Road Safety Management

10 December 2019

There are several recipients of the Prince Michael Road Safety Awards 2019 under the Road Safety Management category.

The Prince presented the awards during a prestigious ceremony at The Savoy on the 10th December.

They included:

SafetyCube - for its open access web-based SafetyCube Road Safety Decision Support System which has been developed to provide policymakers with the best scientific information on risk factors and the effectiveness of measures. It is a rigorous science-based approach using peer-reviewed literature provides a rich knowledge resource for all stakeholders.

Safer Africa - was created as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project to create a dialogue platform to strengthen the cooperation among governments, research institutions and NGOs across the two continents. The platform provides a foundation for the recently launched Africa Road Safety Observatory, which is a strong collaborative programme involving many African countries and international organisations active in the field of road safety including AU, EU, WB, AfDB, UNECA, WHO, IRF, IRU, ITF, FIA, PIARC.

Smart & Safe Transport Team - Universty of Central Florida - for its developement of  Real-Time Crash Risk Visualization Tools for Traffic Safety Management Real-Time Crash Risk Visualization Tools for Traffic Safety Management . This system uses rich and diverse sources of big data including traffic and weather sensors already deployed in many cities, together with other data sources such as smart phones. It is processed using advanced analytics, artificial Intelligence and computer vision, together to produce a sophisticated safety visualization system. This enables decision-makers and operators to intervene in real-time to prevent potential traffic accidents or reduce their severity.

The Global Road Safety Leadership Course -  a two-week training programme that aims to build leadership capacity to design, implement and advocate for evidence-based programmes and policies. Focusing on key leadership principles, each course brings together 65 participants from low and middle-income countries to explore topics across the 5 pillars of the UN Decade of Action plan.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit - The Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit (JH-IIRU) is a research centre at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Injuries, Violence and Accident Prevention. Since its inception, JH-IIRU has played a leading role in road safety around the world and builds on its history of cutting-edge research projects, innovative capacity development programs, and adaptive practice portfolio to strive for safer roads globally. Its research and evidence have been significant in developing policies and programmes during the Decade of Action.