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Online driver improvement courses win Prince Michael Award

18 November 2021

UKROEd has received a 2021 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its suite of online behaviour change courses. In making their recommendation to His Royal Highness, the judges commended UKROEd for leading the development of online courses in order to overcome the restrictions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Within 12 months of their launch, the courses had been delivered to more than 1.3 million drivers, ensuring an effective educational alternative to penalty points and helping to alleviate demand on an overburdened court system. There was immediate pressure in March 2020 to deliver an online solution as early as possible, and to communicate effectively to police forces, course providers, training professionals and drivers that such a solution was available.

Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards recognise outstanding innovation and achievement

The National Driver Offender Retraining Courses are operated by all UK police forces were the 2012 Premier Award winne r. They offer a diversion from prosecution into driver education for motorists who have committed a low level offence.