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New Toolkit for safety of non-motorised users

15 April 2021

A new guide to prioritizing safety in road design and improvements, Infrastructure Toolkit for Non-Motorised User Safety in African Cities: Challenges and Solutions, has been launched by the NGO Amend, with the support of the FIA Foundation and the High Volume Transport Applied Research Programme, which is funded by UK Aid.

The Toolkit draws together Amend’s experience across a wide range of African contexts to demonstrate practical, affordable, and accessible ways to save lives, including evidence from Amend’s School Area Road Safety Assessments and Improvements (SARSAI) programme. The Toolkit was developed with information and learning gathered in Africa and, while the principles of road safety are the same everywhere in the world, the guide’s focus is on realistic, readily available solutions for the African context.

The toolkit identifies 12 key road infrastructure challenges with corresponding solutions; ranging from footpaths design and street vendor accommodations to accessibility for differently-abled persons and crosswalk paint choices.