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Lay First Responder International – Post-Crash Response Program Model for Road Traffic Injuries in Resource-Limited African Settings

Post Crash Response, 2020

To address the absence of formal emergency medical services (EMS) in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, LFR International has focused on the development of robust affordable alternatives for resource-limited settings using lay first responders to improve post-crash response since 2016.

LFR International has developed a model to establish robust EMS by training transportation providers as first responders to address post-crash injury. The model has been tested in four countries (Uganda, Chad, Guatemala, and Sierra Leone), measuring knowledge improvement/retention, patient impact, and longitudinal impact on first responders. LFR has trained 5,173 responders, who have provided care to thousands of crash victims, and launched the “First Responder Coalition of Sierra Leone,” achieving large-scale implementation.