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Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety – #CommitToAct Campaign

Road Safety Management, 2020

The #CommitToAct campaign developed by The Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety provided a platform for the world's NGOs to push their local and national governments to make meaningful and specific commitments and track those commitments into action.

Its strategic objective was to provide a global platform for Alliance members to demand strong leadership for road safety, through concrete, evidence-based interventions.

With over 6,000 survey respondents from 132 countries, a declaration by 60,000 citizens, and roundtables with national governments, #CommitToAct built momentum toward the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference in Stockholm, where the online tracking tool, a dramatic exhibition The Day Our World Crumbled were launched.

CommitToAct has helped to mobilize and empower NGOs to push their governments to meaningful actions that would contribute to halving road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030, and to strengthen civil society’s voice in the lead up to and during the Ministerial Conference.