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EASST Road Safety Education Pack

20th Anniversary, 2022

The Road Safety Education Pack is a free resource for teaching basic road skills to children and a tool for leveraging support for road safety activities among key stakeholders. It focuses on examples which children aged up to 14 can relate to in their daily lives, reflecting risks and challenges in LMICs. It is also used as an engagement device to involve municipalities, police and others in discussions and meetings on road risk. It is locally adaptable and available in sixteen languages.

The first key objective of this project is to ensure good quality, engaging and evidence-based road safety materials are freely available in LMICs replacing poor materials that were in use. In some countries, teachers or road police had no resources despite there being a requirement to teach road safety. Elsewhere, resources were available but not locally relevant. Worst of all, we saw examples of poor resources with incorrect road safety messages – e.g., teaching small children speed limits.

A further core objective of the project is – as part of the safe system - to leverage support for road safety from key stakeholders. The focus on children has been a means of engaging with public authorities previously uninterested in road safety. At least 25,000 children have received training, and we estimate that through partnership-working and downloads, we have reached many thousands more.

The Pack has been translated into sixteen languages – and includes a free online ‘How to Use the Road Safety Education Pack’ course for teachers.

The Pack is included in the Child Health Initiative Toolkit and promoted to members of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety.

Download the pack here.