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Driving Test Wiz launches – the app designed to help learners pass their driving test

14 October 2020

Press release from FirstCar.

Over half the people who take their driving test fail with many candidates needing multiple attempts to pass. In the current climate, waiting times for driving tests have never been longer, so the pressure for them to pass their test is even more intense.

It’s an expensive task for the learner too. Driving lessons cost around £25 per hour, to book a test costs £62 and when you add in extras like using the instructor’s car and refresher lessons, costs can start to rocket! Money aside, no-one wants to keep retaking their test due to the potential embarrassment this may bring and it’s trickier than ever to find a driving test slot due to the current huge backlog of learners in the system.

Most people get a major test fail for an easily preventable mistake and with the right preparation, this need not happen. The top ten reasons for failing on test day remain surprisingly consistent each year.

FirstCar is the market-leading publisher in the new driver sector has used its award-winning film production team to produce a series of ten videos to highlight these reasons whilst offering strategies backed by behavioural science to help viewers avoid them. Beating test day nerves, mastering manoeuvres, improving observation skills and controlling the vehicle are just some of the topics covered.

James Evans, FirstCar’s Founder and brains behind Driving Test Wiz commented, ‘When we realised that hundreds of thousands of learners were consistently failing their driving test each year for the same common reasons, we set to work to develop this app. As we are a trusted brand with our learner audience it was a natural step for us to develop this to help learners avoid making those common mistakes and to help take the stress out of test day. Learning to drive is a serious business and not to be rushed and this app is not a shortcut to passing. We firmly believe that for a modest £4.99 Driving Test Wiz will be a worthwhile investment for all learners who use it.’

The app is available to download here.

FirstCar won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2008.