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DocBike UK (Charity 1178486)

20th Anniversary, 2022

A road safety first. A combined project between Police and trauma doctor to engage with motorcyclists, promote education, signpost post-test training, highlight risks and reduce motorcycle collisions through co patrolling on marked motorcycles. Attending bike events and meetings, being able to respond to incidents with lifesaving equipment and skills. Breaking down barriers with the hardest to reach bikers, who see traditional Police engagement as being linked to anti bike tactics and enforcement. Increasing uptake in all forms of post-test training.

Working to eradicate motorcycle deaths through engagement, injury prevention, education and roadside critical care.
There are track based Doctors but DocBike - a UK charity is the first concept on road and engaging directly with biking communities. 

The USP is a “Doctor” on a bike.

The flexibility of DocBike allows it to attend biking events or stop and speak with bikers as they ride. The bike stands out and proves innovation in being the first time a bike riding Doctor has attended, drawing crowds. This leads to engagement, with hard to  groups of riders and gets them talking about rider risk, safety, post-test training and ability of signpost BikeSafe.

Using Hospital TARN Data which accurately maps injuries with more detail than Stats 19, allowing better focus of resource.
Whilst the project targets motorcycle collisions and prevention the flexibility and uniqueness has also worked reaching other road users, from young drivers to cyclists.