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Designing roads for people: Making roads safe for everyone.

1 June 2020

Article from Amend.

Africa has the world’s highest road traffic injury rates. As the continent develops and mobilizes, those rates are increasing.

Roads are a cornerstone of economic development, so governments across Africa — supported by development partners — invest heavily in expanding their road networks. Making roads safe is not a controversial idea: no government or lending institution wants people to be injured or killed on the roads they help build. Yet the construction of high-risk roads continues. There are several reasons for this, most of which center on history and habits.

The following is the story of why dangerous roads continue to be built and how a partnership between Amend, the FIA Foundation, the Government of Tanzania, and the World Bank succeeded in altering that course. Together, we were able to reallocate nearly a million dollars of budget on one World Bank-financed project to make roads safer in five cities in Tanzania.

These safety improvements are reshaping the cities and their people’s future, providing a literal and figurative road map for how people-safe roads can be achieved around the world.

Amend won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2018.

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