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CTT Road Safety Program

20th Anniversary, 2021


CTT is the universal postal operator in Portugal. With more than 3000 vehicles, it operates one of the major car fleets in Portugal to deliver daily millions of letters and parcels. With so many vehicles and employees on the roads, the issue of road safety and prevention are of the utmost importance to the business. In 2015 CTT commenced a new Road Safety Program that covers a series of topics such as vehicles and teams safety, driver recruitment, training, accident control and drivers recognition in a constant communication about road safety. The program addresses all dimensions related to road accidents and considers the different groups of drivers that exist in a large-scale company.

The programm highlights the careful choice of vehicles with potential use in postal operations, the carrying out of numerous pilots to determine operational, environmental and safety advantages. Key areas are:

  • Initial and annual diagnostics to identify improvements Permanent monitoring of the evolution of accidents. Segmentation of population, and resources to different channels:
  • General awareness for all employees (content for team meetings, CTT magazine, CTT TV channel), monthly and adjusted for each season.
  • Specific training for drivers with accidents, with an effectiveness study that shows a significant reduction after these actions (93%).
  • Multidisciplinary interventions in teams with more accidents. Online training content, produced internally and tailored to CTT's needs.

It is a dynamic program, with permanent adjustment and with continuity, essential to gain experience and knowledge. Intense collaboration with all levels of management, in particular operational heads. Committed support from top management, with emphasis on the Executive Board